Hello! I’m Mina, a certified feng shui and design consultant and coach.

A bit of my back story…

Perhaps because of my nomadic childhood, I’ve always felt driven by the vision and pursuit of a perfect home. But interior design as a profession seemed too far removed from most people’s lives, with styling and furniture that felt otherworldly (with price tags to match), in the same way that couture fashion has little to do with my everyday clothes.

It seemed like feng shui provided the missing link between interior design and the home of my dreams. I took classes, got certified and read everything I could get my hands on. But I wasn’t entirely satisfied. Traditional feng shui assumed my buy-in to Chinese superstitions that didn’t align with my contemporary world view. And Western “schools” exaggerated feng shui’s mysticism even as it simplified and distorted its teachings.

Over time, I ended up creating my own version of a feng shui-inspired design methodology, combining concepts and ideas from modern design theories with the feng shui principles of flow and harmony.

My feng shui-inspired design has worked so well for me and my clients that I realized I had an obligation to teach this method to others. And thus was born Hulum Feng Shui (hulum means “flow” in Korean, reflecting my multicultural background that also informs my design philosophy). Tapping into my decades-long experience teaching college students, I put together an e-class and book, Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life, and a 1-on-1 coaching program that takes students and clients through my step-by-step program to help them conquer their space.

If you yearn for a home that supports your best life, find out more about my feng shui-inspired design by scheduling a call with me. First half hour is on the house and completely risk-free.

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Claire Risoli, on her home transformation:

“When I reached out to Mina, I was in the middle of a transition. My divorce was being finalized and I found myself needing to find a place to live rather quickly. I didn’t have an extensive budget, much furniture to work with, my new space was small and I longed for a space that felt like ‘me’… where I could catch my breath and decompress. And most importantly, where my son felt like he had a meaningful home.

Life was a whirlwind. I didn’t want to have to think too much, I had enough on my plate and I needed it to be easy. Needless to say, I was totally overwhelmed.

I remembered meeting Mina at a business networking event and I always knew we would eventually work together. I reached out to her and she immediately put me at ease. She came over, assessed the space, drew up some ideas and jumped right in. She held my hand throughout the entire process, sometimes even going furniture shopping and the the flower mart in DTLA with me. Mina created a Pinterest board to collect and share ideas with me and made picking out lighting fixtures, window treatments and linens as simple as a few clicks online.

What I love most about Mina is her attention to detail (yet, keeping it light and simple with me… I really needed that). She is a great listener and didn’t overwhelm me with options. Just the right amount, offering recommendations to help guide me. She’s no nonsense and I couldn’t help but trust her and follow her lead. I knew that she ‘got’ me… she knew what I needed. I responded to her direction. Right away. I love her style, her recommendations and her eye for flow and design. I love coming home to my new home. I love being in my space. It’s sacred. It’s so peaceful and vibrant. Full of love and harmony. And it’s so incredibly relaxing here. It’s my happy place. And my son calls it ‘cozy.’ That makes my heart smile.  And I know we will thrive here. Thank you, Mina. You made one of the hardest times of my life, easier. I am forever grateful.”

Sumilu Cue, on the Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life e-course:

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Lindsey Fiorelli, on the Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life e-course:

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IMG_8140Wendy Black, on her home office transformation:

“The room was sold as a bedroom but clearly was too small to be a bedroom. I can see a nursery maybe, but to me it was to be my home office. The problems were that my furniture was antique and bulky, and I was not very motivated to do anything about it. I didn’t work much in there, usually just used my laptop at our dining table, and kept accumulating more and more junk in the room. I’d close the door, and ‘out of sight, out of mind.’

Any time I tried to do anything with the room it was mainly to clean up and declutter. Beyond that, the thought of a new design was overwhelming. It was just so small that I thought anything I did would essentially result in the same clutter.

Your enthusiasm and confidence were overwhelming. You made it seem like ‘no problem, this will be easy, you’d take care of everything’- it made it very easy to say yes. I couldn’t say no!

I can’t wait to actually work in my new space (is that crazy?). A lot of my work from home or even just paying bills and doing household business falls in the evenings. I’ll be able to work near my son when he’s winding down for bed and have a clean, clear, fresh space to be excited about. I always dread working late, but having a fresh space will be energizing!

Thank you again!!! I LOVE it!”

image1Esther Fernando, on her living room plans:

“My family and I had a lot to accomplish prior to our move from NYC to the suburbs of New Jersey, including furnishing multiple rooms.

Our main concern was the living room as there are many entrances/doorways to this room, and it would likely be the room we spent most of our time as a family. It connects to the front hallway, as well as the dining room and the family room.

Due to the awkward set up of the room, I had a hard time trying to figure out how to furnish the room. I reached out to Mina and she was so prompt and knowledgeable about how to make the room flow and how to maximize the space. Even from LA, she sent me a floor plan and beautiful suggestions for the furniture.

We’re excited for all the furniture to arrive and see the final masterpiece get put together!

Mina was so easy to work with and always prompt and informative with her responses. It was such a pleasure working with her!”