NEW! Transform Your Space With Art E-Course

Do you feel like your life is stuck and suspect that maybe your home has something to do with it? Chances are, you may be right!

In my feng shui-inspired design method, I combine feng shui and modern design principles to help my clients and students create homes that support their best lives.

In this course, I walk you through the steps you need to take to bring better flow into your environment and fine-tune the energy of your home through the optimal selection and placement of art.

You will learn:

•       how art changes your space in terms of energy, harmony, and design principles;

•       where art should go;

•       what art would work for your space;

•       how to find, acquire, and even make art yourself;

•       how to display art properly, with the right framing and hanging techniques.

If you want to achieve flow and harmony in your space and life, enroll today! Follow this link to access the special website discount.

Mina Yang

Mina Yang is a certified feng shui and design consultant and coach (as well as the mother of two energetic kids). She helps people transform their space (and life!) through her designs and online course on feng shui-inspired design.

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