Transform Your Space Quick Tips #10 – Small Rooms

In Quick Tips #10, I give you a preview of my brand new e-course, Transform Your Space With Chi!

As homes get more and more expensive, lots of people are living in small spaces. In this lecture from my new course, I provide 5 recommendations for improving chi in small rooms. Learn how to maximize the space you’ve got with these helpful tips!

If you want to learn more, enroll in my course, Transform Your Space With Chi. Follow this link for a big discount, only $10 to enroll!

For more examples of small rooms, see my “Small Rooms” Pinterest board:

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Mina Yang

Mina Yang is a certified feng shui and design consultant and coach (as well as the mother of two energetic kids). She helps people transform their space (and life!) through her designs and online course on feng shui-inspired design.

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