3 ways to make your walls pop

I like walls that make a statement. A great big piece of art or a gallery wall can do this. But if you don’t own great art, you can still create an impactful focal point with these three methods.


There are amazing wallpapers on the market today. From vast nature vistas to intricate fleur de lis, you can pretty much find anything you like. Renters even have the option of buying removable wallpaper. When it’s time to move out of your space, peel it off and you’re good!

I covered the wall opposite the master bed in a gray/silver forest wallpaper. It immediately transformed the room into a restorative sanctuary.


I installed this paper myself after watching tutorials on YouTube, but the DIY approach is not for everyone. If you’re not confident you can do a good job, call in the pros. The wall makes an impact because it’s so visible. That means a hack job will also be very visible.

To find just the right paper, google a term like “forest wallpaper” and the main online retailers will come up. Make sure to purchase the right amount of paper. This site has a handy calculator help you figure out how much to order.


If you don’t want to put up wallpaper because of the expense or the hassle of removal, you can get a similar effect with stencil. Patterning a wall with stencil is a repetitive task, but the results make it so worth the time investment. You also have more flexibility in terms of the color combination. And you can reuse the stencil over and over.


I stenciled the wall in the living room here over the paint that was already there. It added a bit of bling to an apartment living room that otherwise wasn’t so exciting.

I like Royal Design Studios stencils, which I’ve also used to create original art. Just be sure to have someone on hand to massage your neck and shoulders afterwards.


I once had a big wall to cover in a spacious great room. Since the décor was inspired by Japanese art, I wanted to put something evocative of Japanese screens on the wall. What I came up with was the moon mural, one of my all-time DIY faves.


I started by painting the whole wall a dark brown. Then I hammered in a nail in the center of where I wanted the moon to go. Once I measured out the radius of the circle, I tied a string of that length to the nail with a pencil attached to the end of it. I traced out the contour of the moon with this gigantic compass, then taped around its perimeter. I sponged on gold paint to mimic the moon’s surface. The dark brown provided a nice depth against which the golden moon really shone.

A mural like this requires very little artistic ability. Use your imagination and some simple tools, and you too can get cosmic results.

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As much as I like hung art, I do like a wall that is all over art. It just envelops you in a different way and changes the energy of the room. My three examples used just one focal wall, but go wild and do all four if that works for the space. In a small room, in particular, covering all the walls with wallpaper can create a jewelbox effect that is quite special.

If you try out one of these methods and love the result, please share! You can tag me (@hulumfengshui) on Instagram or post it on my Facebook page (see link below).

Mina Yang

Mina Yang is a certified feng shui and design consultant and coach (as well as the mother of two energetic kids). She helps people transform their space (and life!) through her designs and online course on feng shui-inspired design.

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