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FREE! Transform Your Space With Joy: Take this mini course to learn how you can design joy into your surroundings.


Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life: Learn my design method in this e-book, and see your space (& life) transform! This e-book teaches you how to implement feng shui principles and design theories in your home to create a space that supports your best life.

NEW! Transform Your Space With Art: Learn how to use art to bring the right level of energy and harmony into your space. You will learn how to choose art and where and how to hang the art for best effect.

Transform Your Space With Chi: Learn how to optimize the flow and energy of your space! This e-course teaches you how to declutter, why and how to create floor plans, and how to arrange furniture and accessories with chi in mind.

Transform Your Space With Color: Learn how to transform your space using color! This e-course will walk you step-by-step in transforming the color (and thereby the mood, feel, and look of your space), using feng-shui inspired design.

Transform Your Space Into An Airbnb Hit: Want to earn money from your extra space and meet people from around the world? This e-course will walk you step-by-step in setting up, marketing, and managing your short-term rental.

Transform Your Space For Baby: Do you need help setting up your home for your new bundle of joy, about to arrive any moment? This e-course will help you to set up your nursery and the rest of your home so that you can be ready and fully enjoy your time with Baby.

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From client, Claire Risoli, on her home transformation:

“What I love most about Mina is her attention to detail (yet, keeping it light and simple with me… I really needed that). She is a great listener and didn’t overwhelm me with options. Just the right amount, offering recommendations to help guide me. She’s no nonsense and I couldn’t help but trust her and follow her lead. I knew that she ‘got’ me… she knew what I needed. I responded to her direction. Right away. I love her style, her recommendations and her eye for flow and design. I love coming home to my new home. I love being in my space. It’s sacred. It’s so peaceful and vibrant. Full of love and harmony. And it’s so incredibly relaxing here. It’s my happy place. And my son calls it ‘cozy.’ That makes my heart smile.  And I know we will thrive here. Thank you, Mina. You made one of the hardest times of my life, easier. I am forever grateful.”

From students who completed the online course, Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life:

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From client, Wendy Black, on her home office remodel:

“Your enthusiasm and confidence were overwhelming. You made it seem like ‘no problem, this will be easy, you’d take care of everything’- it made it very easy to say yes. I couldn’t say no!

I can’t wait to actually work in my new space (is that crazy?). A lot of my work from home or even just paying bills and doing household business falls in the evenings. I’ll be able to work near my son when he’s winding down for bed and have a clean, clear, fresh space to be excited about. I always dread working late, but having a fresh space will be energizing!

Thank you again!!! I LOVE it!”

From client, Esther Fernando, on her living room plan:

“Mina was so easy to work with and always prompt and informative with her responses. It was such a pleasure working with her!”